David Bell is from the Yorkshire Dales but has lived and worked in Bury, Bristol, Bath and the south-east before coming back to
Somerset in 2001.  This part of the UK has excellent transport links to work sites across southern England and to the Midlands.
He leads a busy business, family and School Governor life and is interested in activities such as motorsport, clay shooting and
He is a member of civil engineering related institutions and continues to be engaged in engineering,
development and regeneration. He is an experienced manager, engineer, expert witness and
self-employed businessman.
After about 18 years in local government, David left his local authority Chief Engineer role and led the
externalisation of some services by setting up a business outside local government to provide specialist,
experienced consultancy services to Government Office, Local Authority and the Private Sector.
He project managed (and gave technical advice for) the Government “Safe Routes to School Pilot Project”.
Examples of other activities include traffic management and accident investigation, highways, transportation,
development control advice for the public and private sector, rights of way, redevelopment and
regeneration schemes and expert witness.
With regard to development, he has a simple formula of “No Access = No Development” and often LGPS Resources
is asked to take on projects where a “highway solution” is key to development but not been agreed with
the Highway Authority early enough.
David has always been a keen motorsport enthusiast, including a period in the 1980’s and 1990’s when he raced an Alfasud and a
Lancia Montecarlo, but he strongly believes that there is a correct time and place for speed.  It is no surprise that LGPS
Resources have road safety at the heart of traffic and highway design.
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